When I went to travel to Yamaguchi prefecture before, I went to a small is...

When I went to travel to Yamaguchi prefecture before, I went to a small island called Kakushima. Running from Shimonoseki I.C north by car one hour. It is a place located in the northwest in Yamaguchi prefecture, but I felt the blueness of the ocean of this island is the top level beauty in Honshu. You can experience the blueness of the sea as if you came to Okinawa. I have to cross the bridge to cross Kakushima, but the scenery from that bridge is also wonderful. Actually, this Kakushima Ohashi is often used in commercials, etc. It seems that it is often used for car commercials in particular. When I went there, the weather was also good, so a transparent sea of ??emerald green greeted me. Although I crossed the bridge with my rent-a-car, I was told that ""I will cross once more"" so much impression that I ended up having two round trips to the Kakushima Ohashi bridge in the end. Then there is a campground with bungalows in Kakushima so you can do a barbecue there and swim. Also, there is a Kakushima Lighthouse nearby, and you can see the full sky when you go there at night. It was definitely No. 1 starry sky in my personal life. Why do not you go out to Kakushima by all means if the schedule for this summer is not decided?

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