I went on a trip to Nagoya the other day.

I went on a trip to Nagoya the other day. Even so, the main purpose was to go to a certain play. It was my first excitement to go to Nagoya until I got to Nagoya. When I looked at Nagoya, I was overwhelmed by unfamiliar townscapes. For a meager countryer, it was a scene of a city feeling, as expected. By the way, I went to Nagakute which is the destination via Nagoya via subway. I arrived in Nagakute in about 40 minutes from Nagoya. As I left the station exit and walked for a while, I saw a very relaxing scenery. There were no big buildings or striking objects in the surroundings, and gentle greener spreading on one side. I thought that it was a nice landscape, not a scenery. I was deeply moved by the landscape that healed my heart, feeling quite far from the city image of Nagoya. I also felt as if a relaxing time was flowing. I was looking at such a nice scenery, while being healed, I headed to the theater of the destination. In Nagoya, I think that it was good to have a good experience in the double, with good scenery and good play.

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