My college friend lives in Kagawa prefecture.

My college friend lives in Kagawa prefecture. When she was living on Shodoshima, a trip went to see her. The scenery at that time still remains in impression. I took a ferry from Kagawa prefecture mainland to Shodoshima Island. The view of the sea and the sky I saw from the top of the ferry was a scene that made me think that I came somewhere abroad. I also saw the sky and clouds I used to see differently. Shodoshima is as large as it can easily circle around by car, there are olive trees, scent of soy sauce, memorial hall of 24 eyes, there was a simple and warm land. The waves were calm in the sea and it was very beautiful. Although I am not good at crowds, I enjoyed the beautiful sea without overflowing with people. In the evening, my friend took me to see the night view of Cold Spring. I climbed the mountain path by car, and the night view I saw was small, but glittering and nice. In the night sky I saw lying on the beach, a lot of stars were shining brightly and a lot of shooting stars were seen. Shodoshima, which may not have had the opportunity to go if my friend did not live, everything to see is shining brightly, gentle air is flowing, and the land I want to travel by all means.

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