Born in Tokyo born in Tokyo, and a long OL life in Tokyo.

Born in Tokyo born in Tokyo, and a long OL life in Tokyo. I go to travel abroad once a year, that was my long life. Speaking of domestic travel, it was a leisure sightseeing spot 23 hours by car from the metropolitan area. Such married married husband from northeast, and started to travel tohoku once a year. That year, I decided to go to Kakunoda city in Akita prefecture called ""Michinoku no Kyo Kyoto"". It is a time when green grew darker. I went by plane from Tokyo to Akita and decided to rent a car from the airport. Even though I run or run, the only thing around is the forest where trees grow thick with mountains. Is it about running for about two hours? The landscape suddenly changed. A wonderful samurai residence stands alongside and green trees are shaking. A deep green tree naturally characteristic of Tohoku can be found in the color of the samurai residence. Indeed it was worthy of the name Michinoku 's small Kyoto, only this one was a completely different taste. A woman with a 唐 傘 as well as a wife in kimono are walking relaxedly. While samurai residences were lined up, there was Akita's Inari australia Udoni who had a nice goodwill. Unexpectedly, I entered the shop, I got Inagiya udon which is good on the dish. I can not forget the taste of that time. Michinoku 's Kyoto Kakunodate, this landscape is still burning in my eyes. Although ""Michinoku no Ko Kyoto Kakunodan"" visited during a deep green period, next time I am looking forward to going to the time of cherry blossoms.

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